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Hey, everyone! No, my name is not Mr. Banyan, but I am using it because this website is not about a person, it’s about an ideal…


In September of 2018, I was fortunate enough to have a work trip to Maui (which inspired the name for the blog). It’s rough, but someone has to do it :). At that time, my family and I had already decided to go all out to achieve our American Dream. I even knew the exact “why” that was driving us. Knowing the “why” behind what you do is the single most important aspect of success.

Why am I writing this? Because, I deeply believe that we need to take full advantage of, and continually improve, the freedom that has been EARNED for us.

We knew that we didn’t like the way our world is changing. It seems that morals are slipping away, families are being separated, and the greatness of the United States was being underappreciated. We believe that people are so chained up in the “daily grind” that it is negatively impacting themselves and everyone around them.

People are getting burned out doing jobs they don’t like in order to pay for things they don’t need to keep up with the Jones. Parents are working more and more, spending less quality time with their families, and trying to compensate for the lost time with things. The home that used to be filled with happiness is now drained from long work days and debt…and it breaks our heart.

We believe that opportunities exist to allow anyone to achieve their dream life and we want to share that passion. If it changes just one person’s attitude toward their life, then it’s worth every minute spent writing!

Mr. Banyan?

I’ve had quite a few people ask me why the blog is named “Mr. Banyan.” Well, during that trip to Maui, I saw my first ever banyan tree. If you aren’t familiar with banyan trees, they are trees whose roots will grow down from branches, touch the ground, and eventually become a new “trunk” for the tree to grow from.

I was in Maui for a week and for the most part I only saw banyan trees that looked like weeping willows going bald. What looked like strings hung from all the branches and came down to 5 or 6 feet above the ground. I didn’t quite understand the dangling roots and what they can become.

Then, at the end of the trip, I went to Lahaina on the west side of the island. I was told of a huge banyan tree over there but wasn’t overly thrilled at the thought of seeing a larger, balding weeping willow. But I remember turning the corner of the street and seeing what looked like a dozen trees – only to realize that it was a single tree covering 2/3 of an acre.

I stood under this behemoth of a tree and I felt my mind spinning like never before. I loved this tree! Something about it spoke straight to me. I loved the thought of a tiny seed growing into this incredible creation. I loved the thought of a root branching off in multiple directions. I loved the thought of branches planting their own roots to further grow the tree. I thought of standing on the shoulders of giants and how each root built off what another root built. Metaphors bounced all over my brain as I stood there with my colleague as they slowly back away in order to avoid being associated with the weirdo staring at a tree with a giant smile.

The banyan tree is my “why” spoken by nature.

American Dream in a Banyan Tree

When I looked at this tree, I imagined the soil being the American Dream that provides the environment needed for a seed of an idea to sprout. I pictured the center trunk as our Founding Fathers breaking ground to create a country based on liberty for all. The trunk branching out with brilliant people creating new ways of life and planting new roots for more people to develop from; a root for the industrial revolution, a root for the internet age. Roots that have created amazing lives for all of us. I saw people as the branches reaching out for new dreams (roots). When they found their “why” behind the dream, they became a new root reaching down for the American Dream. The new root would grow longer and longer until being planted in the American Dream and becoming a trunk – a foundation of new growth for others.

We have the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…live it to the fullest by helping others do the same!

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